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Beta Map

Welcome to the project of finding and climbing all the rock on Sonora Pass! We definitely have our work cut out for us... First, a disclaimer:

This map is here to help all the folks getting psyched on climbing in the 108 corridor find the rocks. It's not a complete listing, but instead a work in progress. Everything is assumed to be an open project unless otherwise indicated. It's also focused on bouldering, because there is a good guidebook for the roped climbs.


Names are being made up for problems and areas that have almost certainly been named previously, any help getting the names corrected on here and credit to the original developers would be appreciated. The acronym 'WFN' - 'Waiting for Name' will be used for routes that have been climbed but are yet to be named. 


Blocks may (definitely will) need some cleaning, if you would like to contribute to the effort, finding new blocks, correcting names, or establishing problems or routes, feel free to use contact link or email

It should be noted that there won't be more specifics than locations provided for any areas detailed in the Sonora Pass, Columbia Bouldering, Nor-Cal Bouldering, or Bay Area Rock guidebook. Support your local authors and buy a copy of the relevant book. 

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